Thakkar Krunal Balkrishna
3 min readJul 11, 2020


Hello ,I am the student of Charusat University pursuing Btech(IT).As we can see that how World is suffering from Corona virus so many people are facing problem and many Industries are in loss due to it.

Our college had came with small task of intership during lockdown which was online based.It was for one month duration during lockdown .We every student did Internship from home and learn many Industrial levels Knoledge. I did internship in the company named NavpadInfotech Pvt.Ltd.based which is in Vadodara ,Gujarat India.

Internship started with knowledge of latest Trends and how industry work and latest technolgies etc. We learned Microsoft visual studio,different type of licenses like MIT license as example and Database also how to prevent attack from the hackers and most important Discipline and honest to work to sustained in Industry,


The project that we did based on the web application to make dasboard and it was divided into three parts are 1) Frontend(GUI) 2) Backend (Server side) 3) Connectivity (database and authoriztion) we had project in the group of six. And we learnt about various Technology with help of various reference and project manager who always encourage us to learn something new and different in field. The purpose of dashboard technology is to provide a portal or provide access to the owner or some authorized people of the organisation or a company etc to the activity and sales and staff activity and inventory of the the company by just click of some button.

I focussed on working with the user interface of the project .Other friend were working on database management and connectivity and testing of project .

The Flow of our application can be seen from photos.The dasboard design with features like statistic of sales,inventory ,charts for the market, tables for prices,billing information,login page,type of product masters.

We had designed dasshboard for boutique from vadodara,gujarat,India named Palkin Enterprise.


The Journey of making project and experiencing new technology to learn.And I experience that there is nothing easy to do but hardworking and interest to learn or make it easy.

Github:-visit here to see project

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